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"Askarian the Minotaur- the Unfortunate One"

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Ancient myths are read and studied. One thing is obvious in many of those myths, the wrong person ends up paying the price. Many people know the “Minotaur” myth, but few know his name was Askarian. The myth is of a “monster” in the labyrinth that receives the sacrifice of virgins as tribute by the King of Crete. Most don’t know the full story; a King whose greed causes him to deceive a powerful god, a powerful god who unleashes a vicious response to the deceit, a Queen used as the tool of that response, and the sister of Askarian, who would be his destruction. Of all the players in this myth Askarian is the least guilty. A vicious creature no doubt, but one with no choice of his own in being what he was enslaved to do. 

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